Friday, November 18, 2016

November 18

Religion:   We will be learning about Advent before we head off for Thanksgiving break. After break we start our weekly Advent Prayer Services. Also, we will be focusing on the Bible and how to look up verses. On Thursday and Friday we will use the Bible to look up verses pertaining to Mary to prepare for the Immaculate Conception Mass.
Writing: The students are continuing to learn about the qualities of personal narratives. We are spending some time each day writing in our writers' notebooks. The grammar lesson after Thanksgiving will be noun and pronoun agreement.
Math:  Unit Three concludes on Monday with a test over Unit 3. After Thanksgiving we will start our fourth unit over multiplication and division. We will cover multiples of equal groups, multiplication arrays, equal shares and equal groups, and how division and multiplication relate to each other.
Spelling: Week Nine long vowel review and medial consonants (puppet, camel). The spelling section contains all of the weekly lists and the choice words in case your child misplaces their words.  You can also find a copy of LSCW if you need it.
Science/SS: We will be finishing up our unit on government. Our last lesson will be focusing on the three branches. After Thanksgiving we will be focusing on American Spirit and Symbols.

Comprehension: We will continue to work in reading groups as well as meet with students in individual conferences. We will conclude our unit on visualizing. After Thanksgiving our focus will turn to making inferences.