Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 2

Religion:   We will have our Advent Prayer Service next Wednesday at 2:50. The students will have the opportunity to participate in the sacrament of Reconciliation on Wednesday as well. We will do an examination of conscience on Tuesday during school to help prepare the students. Mass will be on Thursday next week due to the Immaculate Conception. On Friday we will start a mini unit on the Works of Mercy.
Writing: The students are continuing to work on their personal narratives. Next week we will focus on creating a strong lead as well as a strong conclusion to our piece. Our next grammar lesson will be a pronoun review.
Math:  Unit Four continues with multiplication and division. The students will use fact families and arrays to further their understanding of multiplication and division. They will also be learning multiplication baseball to help memorize the facts. This is an app they can download to play on iPads as well.
Spelling: Week Ten - vowel sounds of y and medial consonant blends and digraphs (ex: teacher). The spelling section of the website contains all of the weekly lists and the choice words in case your child misplaces their words.  You can also find a copy of LSCW if you need it.
Science/SS: Students will be discovering and learning about 6 different themes that symbolize our "American Spirit" (Courage, Hard Work, Diversity, Liberty, Honor and Equality). Students will be choosing one to go more in depth with and research a particular person or place the exemplifies that spirit. Be looking for a research notes sheet to be coming home on Wednesday to edit with your child.

Comprehension: We are working on making inferences in reading. The third graders are asked to be detectives while they read so they can find clues. This week we read a trade book and discussed how we would describe the main character's personality.