Friday, January 6, 2017

January 6

Religion:   Next week in religion we will focus on the Epiphany. The students will be using their Bibles to read about The Magi and use the information to fill out a fill-in-the-blank from the Bible verses. We will also focus on the Baptism of the Lord and discover our roots in Baptism from the Bible.
Writing: We started to work on our fiction unit. Next week we will work on developing characters. We will also be learning about the different types of fiction that we can write. Our grammar lesson will be on linking verbs.
Math:  Unit Five continues next week with place value. We have been working very hard on making sure the students can read large numbers correctly. Decimals will be added to the mix toward the end of next week.
Spelling: Week Thirteen - sounds of ou (round) & ow (cow) / changing vowel sounds in plurals (foot - feet). The spelling section of the website contains all of the weekly lists and the choice words in case your child misplaces their words.  You can also find a copy of LSCW if you need it.
Science/SS: Force, Motion and Simple Machines! Students will start learning about the 6 Simple Machines - Lever, Inclined Plane, Screw, Wedge, Pulley and the Wheel and Axle. A blank white poster board is due in the classroom on January 27. A reminder to save the date for our Invention Convention on Friday, February 3 from 12:15-1:00!

Comprehension: We are working on making inferences in reading. The third graders are asked to be detectives while they read so they can find clues. Specifically, we are focusing on describing a character's personality based on what he/she does and says. We will continue to meet with students in groups as well as individual conferences.