Friday, April 14, 2017

April 14

Religion:   Easter will be the focus for next week. We will learn about the important events of Easter. On Friday we will be doing a prayer service in our classroom. Each child should bring a small rock with them for this.
Writing: We will be finishing our unit on Opinion Writing. We will be adding adjectives to our writing to make it interesting for our audience. Our grammar lesson will be on Contractions.
Math:   Unit Eight wraps up next week with a test on Wednesday, April 19. We will review on Tuesday, so look for the review to come home that night. On Thursday we will start our next unit which focuses on multiplication and division. It will cover 2-digit and 3-digit multiplication, so it will be easier to get through if your child has their basic multiplication facts down.
Spelling: Week 25 - R Controlled Vowels (or, ore) / Suffixes (-ment, -ness, -tion). The spelling section of the website contains all of the weekly lists and the choice words in case your child misplaces their words.  You can also find a copy of LSCW if you need it.
Science/SS: Rain Forest Unit - Students will begin learning about living things, different ecosystems and the classifications of animals.
Comprehension: We are nearing an end to Stone Fox. During this study, the children will be using many comprehension skills. They will be predicting, visualizing and making connections.